SIDDHANT EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD. was founded in 2000. SIDDHANT EQUIPMENTS PVT.LTD. has over 15 years of experience in the field HVAC to manufacture and market the concept of FANLESS INDUCED DRAUGHT WHIRLJET NON-CORROSIVE COOLING TOWER.

SIDDHANT EQUIPMENTS PVT.LTD. designed India's first 100% Polymer composite Fanless Induced draft Whirljet Cooling Tower having benefits.  a)  Power Saver   b) 100% corrosion free
c) Maintenance free.

It is the best packaged Cooling Tower in the industry featuring seamless corrosion proof construction.  Product line ranges from 5 T.R. to 500 T. R. SIDDHANT EQUIPMENTS PVT.LTD. has technical specialists to work with you on cooling tower applications both in commercial and industrial markets.

We still hear from the customer who bought the first unit, who attest that the cooling tower looks the same as 5 years ago. In 2003, we introduced capsule shaped cooling tower in single module capacities from 600 T.R. to 1000 T.R. The investment was made as we recognize the further benefits to end users of plastic towers in larger sizes.

The company has a modern manufacturing unit having facilities like FRD moulding shop, thermoplastic welding and fabrication shop, pattern making and test laboratory for Quality Control and raw material testing. SIDDHANT EQUIPMENTS PVT.LTD. is committed to providing the best value to cooling tower user and will continue to invest in our products and capability to remain the best value to customers.

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