1. Aqual-Cool cooling Towers are made from a corrosion proof polymer composite shell that will never corrode, flake, chip, peel or even need painting or coatings. SIDDHANT EQUIPMENTS PVT.LTD. believes its towers are the future of the industry. Metal do not have the long-term corrosion protection advantages for outdoor usage. Galvanising or other metal treatments only delay the corrosion of the underlying thin gauge sheet metal.

  2. Aqua Cool Cooling Towers are ENERGY SAVING BY DESIGN. Towers work on venture principal for air induction, there by eliminates need of fan which saves fan power cost.
    Power saving = Rs. 22,000/- Per year per tip of fan power.

  3. Aqua-cool cooling Tower are VERY LOW MAINTENANCE by design. SIDDHANT EQUIPMENTS PVT.LTD. has carefully designed its products to have minimal maintenance issues. Other manufactured cooling towers have much more complicated designs to achieve the same performance.

  4. Aqua-Cool cooling Towers payback for themselves by way of savings in power consumption and maintenance.

  5. Aqua-Cool prides itself on exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE Our "Can-do" minds us to meet or exceed any customers cooling tower requirements.
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